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What is Nick Hughes Combatives?

Nick Hughes Combatives is simple to learn, aggressive and easy to remember under the tremendous stress of combat and self defense.

Unlike more complicated, traditional martial arts which can take years to master, Nick Hughes Combatives is designed to be learned quickly and deal with real world attacks such as multiple opponents, armed assailants and muggings. Unlike sport martial arts systems which spend their time training to beat one person who weighs the same as they do in a padded environment with doctors, referees and rules, Nick Hughes Combatives is concerned only with reality.

A philosophical difference between Nick Hughes Combatives and traditional martial arts is that the majority of traditional martial arts are preserving an art form that’s been taught the same way for hundreds of years. Nick Hughes Combatives is different in that it’s constantly evolving with feedback from military specialists, law enforcement officers and civilians. As criminals evolve and change their methods of attack so must an effective self protection system evolve.

A HUGE difference that you will find on is the discussion of soft skills, awareness, avoidance and even legal ramifications of combatives and self protection.

Here are just some of the techniques and subjects covered on!
Effective Open Hand Strikes

Nick shows you how to use the Open Hand Strikes effectively and safely. From the knife edge to the eye strike to the palm heel strike, you will learn each variation and the targets associated.

Knee Strikes

Knees are one of the most effective close quarter's combat weapons. You will learn when and where to utilize the various knee strikes available.

Effective Closed Hand Strikes

Closed fist strikes are dangerous if not trained correctly. Nick will show you not only how to use various closed fist strikes - but just as importantly - how to train the closed fist so that you do not incapacitate yourself in a real situation.

Effective Kicks

There are many kicks available throughout the various martial arts and combatives programs. In these videos you will learn what works and what doesn't for various real world situations.

Elbow Strikes

Elbow strikes can not only cause massive damage to your attacker - they can also be employed from a wide variety of situations and scenarios. You will learn all of the different types of elbows as well as the targets.

Efficient Combat Stance

How to stand is usually not taught in many combatives programs. Nick will show you why this is one of the most important aspect to learn - practice AND utilize.

Solo Combat Conditioning

Regardless of what some leading "experts" will tell you - Conditioning can be a critical factor in your survival of a real world attack. has an entire section on Combat Conditioning drills and exercises that you can use anywhere!

Partner Combat Conditioning

If you have someone that you can train with, then add these partner Combat Conditioning drills and exercise to your regimen to take your skill set to a higher level. These include conditioning, stress inoculation, multiple target drills and more.

Who is Nick Hughes?

Nick Hughes has spent over 40 years in the martial arts studying and implementing the street applications of techniques in real world self defense and life or death situations.

deadliest warrior nick hughes combatives

As a result of this real world experience he has developed the most effective and efficient combatives training program available anywhere. Nick grew up as a bouncer in Australian bars at the age of 16 - moving to the elite Para-Commando/Frogman unit of the French Foreign Legion (the FFL version of the US Navy SEALs) - to a professional body guard to rock bands, stars and the Royal Families. He has been featured on Spike TV's Deadliest Warrior and named one of Black Belt Magazines "10 Deadliest Men in the World." Nick is also the author of "Be Your Own Bodyguard" - available on

Nick has developed to allow you to train to protect yourself - your family - your children - in the comfort of your own home. Nick realizes that the world is a quickly changing and dangerous place.

Just a few of the Military, Police/SWAT, Security Specialists and Civilians training with Nick Hughes Combatives...
“...realistic, intense... not only how to stay in the fight, but how to survive the fight... straight to the point ” Click Here for the Complete Video
Raul - Former US Army Special Forces
“2 thumbs up... I can go from the gym to the street, it works!'s been tested... Nick takes into account my gear, he doesn't teach me anything that I can't do in full gear... he knows what he's talking about...” Click Here for the Complete Video
Mike - Current SWAT Team Member
“...can't always use a gun... this gives me the less lethal options if needed...” Click Here for the Complete Video
Chris W - avid Gun Enthusiast
“'s awesome! ... the endurance and strength I am getting... I can defend myself if I have to... ” Click Here for the Complete Video
“...great for everyone to learn... develops skills in self defense and confidence...lost 32 lbs...” Click Here for the Complete Video
Troy S - Lake Norman, NC
“...the confidence that I could take care of myself... awareness of what's going on around me...getting fit...” Click Here for the Complete Video
Watch this video of some of the Phase 1 Techniques you will learn...


Looking for even more content and techniques? No problem, check these out...
5 Keys to Escaping ANY Hold

There are 5 basic principles and skills that will help you escape from any hold in a real life situation. Nick covers these in detail and shows you how to train them with a partner to increase your competency.

The Most Common Holds and How to Escape

Nick covers and teaches you how to recognize and escape the 5 most common holds in real life street or combatives situations. You will learn the early, mid and late phase escapes and counters in the Phase 2 section of Nick Hughes Combatives.

The "Holy Trinity" of Combatives

You may have learned techniques or tactics though your training - but rarely will you cover the 3rd critical ingredient in a complete Combatives Program - Mindset! Nick will discuss all 3 of these in details in every video segment to help you become a complete Combatives student.

The Necessary Soft Skills to Avoid Attackes

While most Combatives or Self Defense trainers or schools cover many very good techniques - Nick Hughes Combatives is the only one that will show and discuss the skills necessary to avoid attacks, get out of situations and keep yourself safe without engaging in physical confrontations.


Also known as the Minimum Recommended Daily Requirements, these training sections are split into Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced daily training outlines covering everything from Combat Conditioning to actual technique practice and implementation. Follow the M.R.D.R. outlines and you will gain fitness and skill level quickly.

Live Q & A with Nick

Each video segment has an active Q & A segment. You can ask any question regarding the specific technique, how and when to use the technique, or whatever else you are having a challenge with - Nick will answer them all!

LIVE Training Opportunities

Nick Hughes Combatives will host multiple on-site live training opportunities around the US and World. These are multi-day events and cover all Phases of Nick Hughes Combatives, Live Scenario training and even Certified Instructor options.

Optional Rank Advancement

If you are looking for a path to gain rank in Nick Hughes Combatives, we have that option. While it is not for everyone - and requires you to test directly with Nick, if you chose to follow this path you will have opportunities to gain official recognition for your skill and training.


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“...I have done dozens and dozens of combatives, weapons training over the years... I have learned more about protecting myself...has prepared me to be a better fighter...” Click Here for the Complete Video
AJ Puedan - Tampa, FL

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